31% Increase in Leaf Area since 1982 !!!

CO2 is Definitely Good !!!



A few notes about electricity and “products”:

As a refresher for those pursuing net-zero emissions, wind and solar do different things than crude oil.

Unreliable Renewables, like wind turbines and solar panels, only generate occasional electricity, but manufacture no products for society.

Fossil fuels, on the other hand, manufacture everything for the 8 billion on this planet, i.e., products, and transportation fuels. 

Until a crude oil replacement is identified, the world needs a back-up plan that replaces crude oil that will support the manufacturing of the products of our materialistic society.

Please share this information with your friends to further enhance conversations about Energy Literacy as Breezes and Sunshine cannot manufacture anything. Electricity CANNOT exist without crude oil ! 

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An article published in America Out Loud sheds light on the intricate connection between our government’s support of the electric vehicle industry and the troubling human rights abuses associated with its battery supply chain. The article calls attention to the delicate situation we find ourselves in, where the pursuit of sustainable transportation inadvertently contributes to social injustice and ecological damage.

Please share this information with your friends to further enhance conversations about Energy Literacy as The dependency on China and ‘blood minerals’ human rights abuses for EV batteries supported by our government.

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Ronald Stein Educación Física

Ronald Stein, P.E.

Author | Columnist | Energy Literacy Consultant




Co-author of the Pulitzer Prize nominated book “Clean Energy Exploitations”

Author of Op Ed articles on Energy Literacy at America Out Loud NEWS, policy advisor on energy literacy for The Heartland Institute, and The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, and National TV Commentator- Energy & Infrastructure with Rick Amato.


Marty Cornell

Tyler Texas 2023 Energy Summit

Gregg Goodnight


Heartland Institute ICCC-15 Climate Conference Feb 23-25, 2023 in Orlando Florida

Session videos.

From a climate crisis to an energy crisis The Right Climate Stuff  Team of scientists and engineers has refocused its efforts from the impact of industrial greenhouse gases to the challenges faced by a transition away from fossil fuels. This session will examine aspects of Net Zero, grid instability from excessive weather-dependent power sources, and the future of nuclear energy. The urgency to educate the public as a key element to mitigate damage from this transition will be emphasized.

01 Marty Cornell, Intro for Panel 8A: The Right Climate Stuff Team on Energy

02 Tom Moser, “Climate Change Truth and the Path Forward”

03 Marty Cornell, “NetZero: Materially Improbable”

04 Gregg Goodnight, “ERCOT, Winter Storms,  and Renewable Power Integration”

05 Bob Bauman, “The Future of Nuclear Energy”

06 Q&A for panel: The Right Climate Stuff Team on Energy

Hal Doiron, Climate Alarmists Are A Threat To Our National Security, Mar. 2018

Panel 8A – The Right Climate Stuff Team on Energy – Saturday, Feb. 25, 2023
(Whole video)

Jim Peacock TRCS Chairman, Zoom Symposium, 3 Oct 2020 – 01 Jim Peacock

The reports listed below are selected to provide the empirical data supporting our conclusions. 

 If you have questions, please contact us through our contact page.

These Reports prove CO2 is good, not harmful:

Truth about Climate change and CO2 by Tom Moser, Retired NASA, Founder of TRCS. Click here

Our conclusions, based on empirical data, are clear:  The warming of the atmosphere caused by increased amounts of CO2 are small and insignificant, only about one degree centigrade for this century. Our further studies showed that the claims of climate change causing more frequent and more severe hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, floods, sea level rise, forest fires, etc. are false. The actual measured data shows no increase in any of these serious conditions.  Our conclusion is simple: Mother Nature is controlling the climate; CO2 emissions are not.And more CO2 is definitely beneficial to Mother Nature’s work. There is valid proof of significant greening of the earth since the beginning of fossil fuel use.

To view a 20 minute video of our most recently updated analysis   

(click here – https://vimeo.com/260593910)(OUTSTANDING)

         by Harold H. Doiron, B.S. Physics, Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering

To View TRCS Report  “What Climate Crisis?” Developing Policy Based on Reality

(click here –  https://bit.ly/3iKATzN)

         by Marty Cornell, TRCS member since 2012 (2 page Report)

To View TRCS Report “Reality-Based Warming Potential of Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Emissions” (click here – https://bit.ly/3wYGO9v)

         by Marty Cornell, TRCS member since 2012 (12 page Report)

*** For general public & national policy makers Climate Change in Perspective ***

 by Marty Cornell, TRCS member since 2012 (33 page Report)

To view a comphensive 2 hour video on “Climate in Perspective”   

(click here – https://vimeo.com/411280874)
           by Marty Cornell, TRCS member since 2012

The phrase “Climate Change”, currently used by politicians and popular media, has been a politically driven evolutionary change from the more specific scientific phrase “Anthropogenic (Human-Caused) Global Warming” (AGW).  

     The phrase has become political shorthand for the theorized worst case effects of the increasing atmospheric CO2 and other Greenhouse Gas (GHG) levels during the Industrial Age, believed to be caused primarily from the use of fossil fuels to provide the energy for the industrialized world.  These GHG concentrations in our atmosphere (other than the strong naturally occurring GHG provided by water vapor) will always be at trace gas levels, though much less than at previous times of our planet.  The theorized worst case effects are predicted by un-validated climate simulation models whose alarming projections have not been supported by the actual data observed so far.

  We, a group of retired and highly experienced engineers and scientists from the Apollo, Skylab, Space Shuttle and International Space Station eras, have volunteered our time and effort conducting an objective, independent assessment of the AGW alarm and reality of the actual threat. We have reviewed hundreds of reports and technical papers relevant to the subject matter, and discussed key issues with experts on both sides of this controversy.  We need to give you a word of caution when we refer to “NASA.” The TRCS Research Team was founded by engineers and scientists retired from the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston. We sometimes arrive at conclusions about climate change and its effects significantly different from conclusions published by other NASA Centers.        

     During our pioneering years in the US manned space program, scientific controversy over complex technical issues was commonplace at numerous times when NASA needed to make critical spacecraft design and operational decisions affecting safety of astronauts. We have unique skills and experience in problem identification, specification, root cause analysis and rational decision-making applicable to public policy decisions related to the AGW concern.

We have taken this quote as an important part of our policy:

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are, 

If it doesn’t agree with experiment, it’s wrong.   Richard Feynman, 1918-1988

To aid in monitoring the AGW concern, we have developed our own simple, but rigorous, earth surface temperature model using Conservation of Energy principles, similar to the way we analyze surface and internal temperature of spacecraft.  We have validated the model with 169 years of atmospheric GHG data and data on earth surface temperature variations, counting 1850 through 2019. We have used this model to forecast what we believe will be the maximum, but small and non-harmful effects on earth surface temperature, from continued unrestricted use of fossil fuels, until they become too scarce and costly to meet the growing energy demand of our planet.

     We expect a world-wide, market-driven transition to alternate sources of energy generation will be completed by 2150, leaving less than 600 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere, 50 percent more than current levels.  Highest levels of CO2 in our atmosphere have exceeded 7000 ppm from greater volcanic activity more than 400 million years ago. Naturally occurring planetary processes reduced atmospheric CO2 levels to a low of about 180 ppm experienced at the last Ice Age glacial maximum about 21,000 years ago. This was dangerously close to the critical 150 ppm limit required for green plants to grow.

     We have produced reports which, in our judgment, provide a more realistic projection of the maximum expected earth surface temperature rise over the next 80 years from rising atmospheric GHG levels. We believe that these more realistic projections do not justify the extent to which the UN and others propose to manipulate and likely devastate the various major economies of the world through mandating drastic reductions in the use of fossil fuels.

     The power and uniqueness of our approach is that we used only two sets of data as inputs to the analysis. We accepted the fact that the earth global temperature is the results of a few thousand years of natural climate variations. We took the measured rise in CO2 caused by fossil fuel emissions since 1850, and the current accepted value of average global temperature for the two variables. It is unnecessary to have a complete computer analysis of all of 20 or so input variables. Correctly modeling the input of all functions is impossible, because all inputs are not well known. This problem has confounded all attempts to solve this complex problem by use of computerized climate models for the last 41 years. We came up with a solution that passes the test of validation by comparison with measured data in two years.

     Our experience during the early days of manned spaceflight proved the importance of this motto:

“In God we trust, all others bring data.”

These were not only words that guided us during Apollo, but more importantly, words that defined how we did our work. This is what made us proud to be called “Astronauts,” and “Rocket Scientists.” Our study team will continue to adhere to these attitudes in order to achieve the goals of this study.

E-mail comments to me by the contact form, please.

Jim Peacock, TRCS Chairman
( Retired NASA aerospace engineer, USAF R & D, Apollo, Sky Lab, & Space Shuttle) 

Steve Jordan, TRCS Web Editor; Chief Technologist, Uraniborg Systems Alliance


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