Empirical evidence does not support the climate change projections of computer models, which yield exaggerated warming by 200 to 300% vs. reality.  Erroneous model input assumptions and tuning of parameters to attribute historic warming to anthropogenic greenhouse gases causes output errors that inflate future warming projections.  Yet inflated warming projections are inappropriately being used to establish policy that is especially harmful to the poor and catastrophic to the national economy. The warming from anthropogenic CO2 emissions has been modest, and in combination with its fertilization effect on the biosphere, has been highly beneficial. Here is the proof:

https://www.therightclimatestuff.com  On this website:
 Read: 2 pg. Report  “What Climate Crisis?” Developing Policy Based on Reality 
 Read: 12 pg. Report “Reality-Based Warming Potential of Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Emissions” 

The TRCS Research Team is headed by retired NASA engineers and scientists of the Apollo Project.
 Working as volunteers with no funding, we developed an analysis of the increased warming caused by   increases of CO2 in the atmosphere which is validated by measured, empirical data. 

 The flourishing of mankind requires accessibility to abundant, reliable, and inexpensive energy, which   today is provided by fossil fuels, nuclear reactors, and where geographically feasible by hydropower.  Until the intractable problem of storing electrical power to grid scale is resolved, wind and solar fail as reliable and low cost mainstream energy sources.  The eventual depletion of economically extractable fossil fuels will require a transition to sources of dispatchable energy based on cost without subsidies,  which today would be nuclear power with excessive regulatory burden removed.

 We stand ready to brief you or your staff in person or by zoom meeting.  We can do layman or PhD   level explanation in person or by zoom meeting. Please contact me to schedule.  

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 Jim Peacock,
 Chairman TRCS Research Team
 NASA (retired) JSC Aerospace Engineer,
 Apollo, Sky Lab, & Space Shuttle