Climate Symposium 2020
Session videos

In the midst of the COVID-19 plague, TRCS volunteers conducted a Zoom-powered Symposium
(“Authoritative Evaluations on Climate Change”) to make their research more available to the public.

Click below to view recordings of the Sessions:

TRC Chairman Jim Peacock, “Goals of TRCS ZOOM Meetings”
Welcome by Hostess, Anita Gale will speak about “Her Interesting Day Jobs”
Wayne Christian TX RRC “Texas Energy Dominance vs. Green New Deal”
Jason Isaac, TPPF “The Green New Deal comes to Texas”
Tom Wysmuller, Meteorologist: “Will the Real Sea Level Please Rise?”
Joe D’Aleo, Meteorologist: “Alarmist Claim Rebuttals”
Tom Moser “Experience Briefing our Representatives in Congress”
John Droz, Jr. “Critically Thinking about Climate Change”
Gregg Goodnight “Kamala Harris’ Climate Equity Act of 2020”