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       We invite you to send us your comments or questions related to this website. Our goal is to determine the extent to which burning fossil fuels can cause harmful global warming. To determine if this is the root cause of the slight amount of observed global warming, we did a simple bounding analysis based on the physics of interaction of atmospheric CO2 with heat radiating from the sun and the earth.
     In accordance with “The Scientific Method,” we compared our results with the best available global temperature data measured since the beginning of widespread use of fossil fuels. Our analysis fits the measured data for the past century and a half very well and we predict that CO
2 emissions will continue to have no significant effect on global warming.

     The power and uniqueness of our approach is that we used only two sets of data as inputs to the analysis. We accepted the fact that the earth global temperature is the results of a few thousand years of natural climate variations.  It is unnecessary to have a complete computer analysis of all of 20 or so input variables. This problem has confounded all attempts to solve this complex problem by use of computerized climate models for the last 41 years. We came up with a solution that passes the test of validation by comparison with measured data in two years.

If you have questions about our analysis, please contact us. We also welcome critiques of our solution, provided it is supported by empirical data as opposed to opinions based on unvalidated climate models.


“In God we trust, all others bring data.”

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