How to send an email message to The President, or your

U. S. Congressman (Representative or Senator)

or your State Elected Officials

Contact President online, or call the White House switchboard at 202-456-1414 or the comments line at 202-456-1111 during business hours. 

Direct Email:

Find your U.S. Senators’ website and contact information.

Direct Email:

1. select state   2. select senator’s email address   3. Fill out Form   4. Topic: Energy

5. Subject: Fossil Fuel use has no significant effect on Climate.     Copy & Paste Message: (Click  here)

Locate your U.S. Congressmens’ contact information.
Find your 
U.S. Representative’s website and contact information.

Direct Email:

1. Enter Zip code in upper right corner, this takes you to your Representatives page.

2. Under Photo of Representative, click on icon of mail envelope.  Enter Zip code again.

3. This opens form to send email to Representative of your district. Fill out Form,

in “select concern” select Economy.  Copy and paste your signed email.

4. For Response, select: Yes, please Contact me. 

5.  Go to     

Select “Contact TRCS Team” Fill out Form and

use  “Report of Contacting Congressman” for subject.

Copy and Paste your email to congressman in “Message Block” (Click  here)

Click Submit to send report. If you get a response, please follow  step 5. and forward it to us.  

State Elected Officials
Get in touch with your 
state governor.
Find the names and current activities of your state legislators








We have validated scientific proof that climate change predictions are greatly exaggerated by computer climate models . Errors in models caused by invalid inputs into models, results in errors up to 375%.  Warming by CO2 is negligible, proven by our analysis verified by empirical data. 
 TRCS 2 pg. Report  “What Climate Crisis?” Developing Policy Based on Reality (click here) 
TRCS 12 pg. Report “Reality-Based Warming Potential of Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gas Emissions” (click here)
The TRCS Research Team is headed by retired NASA engineers and scientists of the Apollo Project. Working as volunteers with no funding, first in the world to solve the scientific problem by the Scientific Method (validation by empirical data,) published in 2014. No disapproval received. 
Wind and Solar energy are not possible, we should use fossil fuels until near depletion then be ready to switch to nuclear. Nuclear can be safe if properly designed and maintained. We stand ready to Brief you or your staff in person or by zoom meeting.
Will provide personal briefing to President or Chief of Staff or science advisor. We can do layman or PhD level explanation in person or zoom meeting. Please contact me for schedule.