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Derivation  and  Validation  of  our  TRCS  Climate  Model 
 Harold H. Doiron, PhD (1 hour video)
TRCS  meeting  Jan 18, 2017

This video was updated and superceded by

“An Objective Look At The Global Warming Controversy”  Derivation  and  Validation  of  our  TRCS  Climate  Model  rev 1″  (65 min. )

and“Climate Alarmists Are A Threat To Our National Security”  (19 min.)  

Harold H. Doiron,  PhD, Chairman, TRCS

TRCS Chairman, Retired NASA Physicist & Engineer, Dr. Harold Doiron, explains the derivation of his analysis of the effect of atmospheric CO2 on global warming. He demonstrates in a compelling manner how his model, simple compared to elaborate computerized climate models, correlates with global temperatures for the past 150 years, the period of increasing use of fossil fuels. This model is validated by comparison with measured global temperature data, where the computerized climate models used by the main stream climate scientists fail to correlate with  this data because of “garbage in equals garbage out.” The reason is because the climate forcing functions are not accurately known. The power and uniqueness of Dr. Doiron’s approach is that the measured data reflects the results of the actions and interactions of the numerous climate forcing functions which have confounded attempts to solve this complex problem by use of computerized climate models for the last 37 years. We believe our analysis has the same quality of accuracy as many of the analyses we performed for manned space flights during the Apollo program.  TRCS Motto “In God we trust, all others bring data”

Sea-Level Rise & CO2, Tom Wysmuller, Professional Meteorologist Shows the Data Supporting his opinion.

This video was updated and superceded by 

“Is CO2 a Driver of Temperature, Weather or Sea Level ? ”  (40 min.)  
Thomas Wysmuller,  Meteorologist, TRCS Member

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The following videos have not been updated or superceded:

“Climatized” A Thrilling Mystery Novel, Sally Fernandez (author)

Excerpted from FOREWORD
I was completely astounded when Sally Fernandez, a novelist previously unknown to me, contacted me about 10 days ago and asked me to read and comment on a pre-publication draft of her new novel, Climatized. At first, I was surprised to find characters in her novel using my real name in the dialogue of this fictional mystery thriller that is full of political intrigue and obscure international locations. But as I progressed further into the riveting plot, I was completely blown away when she revealed an unusual clue scribbled on the back of a family photo in a fictional US Senator’s office. This clue was in the form of an equation that I recognized from presentations I had made at international climate conferences and that our climate research team of retired NASA Apollo Program scientists and engineers had derived and documented in research reports published on our website….. Fernandez leads her readers to understand her fictional explanation for the current climate alarmism, and it lines up uncomfortably close to the conclusions our research team of NASA Apollo, Skylab, Space Shuttle, and International Space Station Program veterans from our own independent and objective scientific assessment of the current global-warming controversy.
—Dr. Harold Doiron, Chairman
The Right Climate Stuff research team July 25, 2016

Fernandez, Sally. Climatized : A Max Ford Thriller (Kindle Locations 57-77). Dunham Books. Kindle Edition.

Refocusing TRCS study goals : Jim Peacock  Jan 2017 (30 min. video)

A discussion of new goals is led by Jim Peacock, TRCS Chairman.  For the past years we have had a single primary goal:   

“Determine to what extent human-related releases of CO2 into the atmosphere can cause earth surface temperature increases that would have unacceptably harmful effects.”

Although our analysis has been accomplished and published, we will continue to provide recommendations to our legislators related to our national energy policies and provide education outreach to the public about the acceptability of using fossil fuels, which emit CO2.

In addition the TRCS Research Team is ready to take other Climate Change challenges, such as  the unnecessary federal expense of funding invalid computerized climate models, news media publishing invalid scientific conclusions about the degree of global warming, the feasibility of alternative power generation methods,  and the needs of poor countries not able to provide electrical power to improve their economy and well-being of their people..