These videos are suitable for technical, as well as general public audiences.  The presentations explain why, after 6 years of independent, objective study, our TRCS research team has challenged the climate science consensus and recommended to the Trump Administration why climate science used at the EPA to justify CO2 and other Greenhouse Gas regulations, needs an in-depth scientific review by a broad panel of scientists, engineers and mathematicians, selected for their competence and lack of conflicts of interests.

1. An Objective Look At The Global Warming Controversy

Derivation  and  Validation  of  our  TRCS  Climate  Model  rev 1  (65 min. )
Harold H. Doiron,  PhD

Climate Alarmists Are A Threat To Our National Security  (19 min.)  

Harold H. Doiron,  PhD

2.Is CO2 a Driver of Temperature, Weather or Sea Level ?   (40 min.)  

Thomas Wysmuller,  Meteorologist

3. CO2 Impact on Climate Change, and Earth’s Plant and Animal Kingdom  (32 min.)

Leighton Steward, Geologist, Environmentalist, Author,

and Retired Energy Industry Executive

Recent Analysis & Conclusions